Resort 2020
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung

In Sanskrit the sixth chakra, which is located between the brows, is called ajna, which translates to “perceive” or “beyond wisdom.” Perhaps more widely recognized because it includes the third eye, the sixth is the chakra that finds itself inextricably linked with intuition. Because to harness its energy is to embrace a more profound way of seeing; one where we see our inner and physical worlds as a unified whole, one where we are able to adopt the role of perpetual observer. It’s fitting then that the element associated with this chakra of awakening is light, and that it vibrates to the most electric color in the spectrum: indigo.

Indigo is derived from the Greek word for Indian (indikos), named, like a number of dyes, for its birthplace. The longstanding dyeing tradition associated with it (the dusky blue color is extracted from the leaves of fermented indigo plants) dates back to ancient times in Rajasthan. It was indigo, its storied history and symbolism, that served as inspiration for Anaak’s “Indigofera” collection. Anaak founder Marissa immersed herself in learning traditional dip-dyeing and tie-dyeing in Jaipur, intent on marrying these venerable techniques with the easy elegant silhouettes that have become her brand’s signature.

In Anaak’s able hands darkened navy tie-dye morphs into blurry, anemone-like orbs set afloat on oversized cotton trousers and breezy, sheer silk voile tops. Pale blue striped cotton voile, handwoven, as always, by non-profit artisan cooperatives in Central India, is imagined in shapes that nod to classic men’s shirting. And sky blue dip-dye takes on a distinctly aqueous appearance on tiered skirts and voluminous-sleeved blouses in a silk charmeuse satin fabric that glistens like the ocean’s surface when the light hits it just right. Anaak’s “Indigofera” embodies a singular new vision for what is a deeply emblematic color and tradition.