Nehalem, Oregon

December 1, 2018

Nehalem Bay State Park, with its rolling dunes, migrating whales and deep green conifers. The air always smells like the sweetest candy because of the sappy trees...

Drawn to the sea for its natural rhythm and isolation, it is here we are forced into nothingness. No work, reading, writing or thinking. No, this place demands more from our senses, leaving room for not much else. It also demands rest, or perhaps we mean to say reset. We find ourselves here in pivotal moments. Reflected on after the craving for solitude gets too strong. Searching for our true centre, a task one must undertake alone, it is here we are also gifted with chance — a reward from the sea for those who are open enough and listening.

Our Sakura Strapless Dress made from billowy Jade Silk Habutai.

"...searching for our true centre, a task one must undertake alone."

Vibrant fuchsia, reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossom and accents on ikebana, as seen in the Airi Gypsy Dress in Fuchsia Silk Habutai.

Images and Quote by Alyssia Lecompte

Introduction by Yasmine Ganley

Muse Madeline Antoinette Zanone

Styling by Lillian Hardy