Anaak is for the seeker in all of us. We are because we wander. The open road, the ceaseless mountain peaks, the unbridled sea—this is where we find our truth. This is our bohemian rhapsody.

One of a Kind,
Just Like You.

Inspired by the inherent ease and approachability of bohemé dressing, Anaak is a collection of artfully relaxed pieces developed with a contemporary and streamlined silhouette. We have spent years scouring the globe for the purest materials and the highest quality craftsmanship, and, while modern in design, Anaak is made using traditional processes in the most sustainable way. By referencing the rich cultural history of cherished destinations, we aim to mindfully produce clothing that imbues a stylish ease, for wherever the day takes you…

Each garment is hand crafted, from hand-spinning natural fibers into yarn to weaving fabric by hand and foot.

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